Backwards 3 Symbol: Recognize Its Meaning and How to Type It

Backwards 3 Symbol: Recognize Its Meaning and How to Type It

There are many symbols to be used in social media sites, however the most significant issue that users have is related to the meaning of them and how to use these symbols. The majority of them can be found directly, but understanding how to use the symbols with ease is crucial.

A symbol that is a reversed three. The symbol of the backwards heart is among the most popular symbols that are that are used when texting. Do you know the best way to make an backwards 3?

It is the most popular application on social networks, where the backwards 3 is utilized to symbolize”love” or the “love” symbol in chatroom’s or as an update to a status. The reverse 3, “E” is utilized to create a the backwards 3 heart shape that appears as this E>.

In Latin the reverse 3 symbol has the meaning of Epsilon with lowercase. Reverse 3 is also an ampersand, or three when reversed.

 How to Type Backwards 3 Symbol

The most popular symbols that is used backwards could be a symbol that has different alternatives. The most popular methods employed to make the three-sided symbol are detailed below:

1: Type Alt Code Backwards 3

In order to generate the alt code that is backwards 3 in Microsoft Office the basic steps to follow are the following steps:

  • For the first time, open Microsoft Word on the PC.
  • Then type the Alt code “0190” and Press “ALT-X” on your keyboard.
  • It will flash”E” in the “E” symbol when the key has been let go.

To create the alt code reversed in the Google Docs the fundamental actions to follow are the following steps:

  • After that, click on Add Click on Insert > Choose special characters and search for reverse and select”Backwards 3 symbol “”.
  • OR Enter the Alt code Alt + I + C shortcut key to start Google Docs particular characters.

Note: The method is not suitable to Whatsapp or other social media platform.

Method 2: Enter Backwards 3 Symbol

The other method for entering the three backwards symbols is by using the Special Characters found in the list.

  • For the first time, open Microsoft Word on the PC.
  • Click on your insert Tab, then click on the symbol select the the Symbol then click More symbols.

Note: The method is not suitable to Whatsapp or other social media platform.

· Method 3: Backwards 3 Symbol Copy Paste

The symbol of the backward 3 does not appear directly on the communication or message screen in or for Android and iPhone. The easiest method to use is to apply the backwards3 symbol copied-paste technique. Copy the symbol the following to E and paste it in the place is required.

Method 4: Backwards 3 Heart Symbol

Utilizing the sign Less-than and the symbol 3, to generate the heart symbol during texting. This is due to “<3 or E>” is the symbol for heart used when texting the most frequently. Therefore, although the symbol can be directly found on the chat symbol page however, users are able to use this same symbol to obtain the symbol.

Learn more about the Heart Symbol Looks like in various types.

Similarity Between E and E

A quick glance at both letters may appear like each other, however there’s an important distinction. “E” is an alphabet that is part of English and “E” is the letter of Latin letter. The reverse 3 is typically utilized for mathematical symbols.


The most frequently asked question concerns how to type backwards 3 in WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and any other messaging platform. If you are using a Word document, it is possible to utilize the alt code, backwards 3, to make your document stand out from other content. When it comes to the social media platforms, the symbol of copy-paste in backwards 3 is the ideal choice.

Utilizing these strategies that you can eliminate having to search for the backwards 3 or e symbol and are able to utilize them immediately. Utilizing the simple tech-savvy advice on how to create an backwards 3 symbol, you can make your life easier and enjoy yourself.

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