What to Look For in a Baby Swing

What to Look For in a Baby Swing

Should you buy a baby swing?

Baby swing have become all the rage in the last couple of years, which is no surprise given how much of a splurge they are. But once you have tried one out, you will never have your baby anywhere else.

There is no way you could resist your precious bundle of joy swinging endlessly at the slightest touch of your hand, so it is important to have one. But with many types of swings available, it is hard to know what makes a good choice for your baby.

Read on for our guide to choosing the perfect baby swing for your child.

Safety Features

Safety features should be the most important consideration when shopping for an infant swing.

Look for swings with a comprehensive, stable base to avoid tipping over. Check for adjustable seat belts with a 5-point harness so your baby can’t slip out.

Also, look for shoulder straps with several settings. This is to make sure your baby remains seated comfortably and securely.

Make sure the swing speed can be adjusted. To make sure your baby isn’t suddenly moved out of their comfort zone.

Additionally, make sure there’s no fabric or strings so that your baby can get their tiny hands on it and become entangled. Check for any rusting or fraying on the swing and ensure the parts are all tightly secured together.

Higher Weight Limits

Quality swings will typically support over 25 pounds. Some higher-end models can hold up to 40 pounds of weight.

Babies grow quickly, and a higher weight limit ensures your swing will be usable for longer. Look for a swing constructed from strong, durable materials, like steel or high-quality plastic.

The seat should also come with a supportive cushion that won’t lose its shape after months of use. Finally, make sure the frame is solid and won’t rock, tip, or become loose during use.


An uncomfortable swing can be jarring on your newborn’s delicate frame. This can cause them distress, making your time together much less enjoyable.

Look for adjustable recline positions, lumbar support, and head and neck support features. These are all important elements of a comfortable swing.

Additionally, soft fabrics like cotton or breathable mesh fabric that is easy to clean are important for keeping your baby safe and secure in their swing. Finally, ensure easy access to buckling and adjusting.

When choosing the best baby swing, the 4moms mamaroo should be top of the list. Not only does it look sleek and modern, but it optimizes safety and comfort with its newborn insert, frame arch, and adjustable harness.

The five-point adjustable seat recline and gently controlled rocking make it perfect for newborns to toddlers, ensuring restful sleep. Additionally, its Bluetooth technology lets you control the swinging speed and motion with a mobile phone app.

Variety of Speeds

Some swings provide only one, usually slower, speed, which can be too monotonous for infants. Others offer several rates that can be adjusted to match your baby’s mood and level of activity.

Slower speeds tend to be particularly soothing for a newborn. Moreover, you may choose to switch to a faster setting once your baby grows a bit older and prefers a more stimulating environment.

Adjusting the speed is also convenient when trying to lull an active baby to sleep. Finally, the highest speed settings can provide exciting and fun bouncing, jumping, and swaying motion, which stimulates the development of sensory-motor skills.

Unique Functions

When deciding on an indoor swing for babies, be sure to consider unique features that can make it stand out from the rest. Many swings can double as a bouncer and have a detachable mobile overhead.

This adds a stimulating component to the baby and the mother. This also provides an opportunity for caretakers to utilize the swing separately from a baby if needed.

Furthermore, some models have soothing music and vibration settings to relax your little one. This feature is especially useful if your baby is fussy or having a difficult time settling down.

Lastly, be sure to read reviews before making your final decision.


Look for swings made with high-quality materials that can withstand your child’s weight. Look for those with a high-grade construction that can last through multiple stages of growth.

Additionally, you should look for a swing with sturdy frames. Find a swing that has adjustable heights, with an easy-to-clean fabric and sturdy straps that can be tightened to ensure your baby’s safety.

Quality materials will stand up to wear and tear, have more resistance to dirt and dust, and will typically last longer than lesser-quality materials. Look for signs of flexible, resilient fabrics that won’t rip or tear easily, along with structural elements that are well-built and rigid.

Be sure to look for welded joints, as these indicate a sturdier build that is more resilient. Additionally, any moving parts should be examined to ensure they operate properly and won’t break or need repair.

If a swing features a power source, the amount of energy it uses should be taken into account, as this can be an indicator of longer-lasting power and performance.

Long Lasting Battery Power

For shorter periods, it is important to look for baby swings that run on rechargeable batteries that don’t need to be changed frequently. It is also important to look for swings marked as Energy Star qualified.

These products are created to conserve energy and save money. For more extended periods, it is important to look for swings that have a power cord included

They don’t have to be plugged in constantly. This will provide an easier way to allow your baby to swing without worrying about the battery running low.

Adjustable Seat

Ensure that the seat can recline so that your baby can be positioned in the best way for their development and comfort. Make sure the seat is also adjustable height-wise to accommodate your child’s growth.

You want a baby swing that is ergonomic and that provides support for your infant. Look for baby swings that offer high backrests and leg rests, providing comprehensive support and headrests for extra comfort.

Seek brands that offer high-quality, adjustable straps and buckles to ensure your baby is safe and secure while in their swing.

Type of Movement

Consider if you prefer a more traditional swinging motion or an electronic rocking motion.

Traditional swings usually have a back-and-forth motion, and most have a true gliding motion. Electronic swings offer more options, such as side-to-side rocking, up-and-down motion, and even vibrating actions.

Quick Folding for Portability

The best swings will fold up quickly and easily allowing them to go anywhere. This means you can take it out into the garden for a picnic, to a family gathering, or simply to different rooms in the house.

Make sure the folding mechanism is secure and intuitive to use. This will make it easier for you to take the swing when traveling.

It is also worth checking the size when folded, making sure it will fit in your car comfortably or if you can store it without taking up too much space. Finally, consider a lightweight swing, as this will make it much more portable.

Overall Size of the Swing

Smaller swings won’t give your baby adequate space to move around, while a bigger swing might take up too much room in your home. Measure the space you have available and look for a swing with a width and length that will fit comfortably in your room.

Additionally, consider the height of the swing. Most swings are designed to adjust to several heights, so you can find one suitable for your baby’s size.

Finally, take into account the weight capacity of the swing. It should be sufficient to support your child’s weight.

Construction and Materials Used

Make sure that the frame and the base are sturdy and durable and should not easily come apart. Additionally, if the swing is plastic, make sure that it is BPA-free and that it is free of any lead and other toxins.

The fabric should also be breathable and easily washed. Additionally, look for features such as straps and a removable headrest that increase comfort and safety for your little one.

Look for an adjustable seat for your baby. Some babies may not fit well in traditional swing designs.

How to Choose a Baby Swing

Choosing the best baby swing for your little one should be based on safety, comfort, trustworthiness, features, and lifestyle. Do your research, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

When you find the perfect swing, your baby will be ready for a fun and relaxing ride!

Act fast and shop for a new baby swing today!

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